Kou Misumi / Atari

the University of Tsukuba art specialty group, he entered the graduate school of the university.
Completed studying art photography and pottery focusing on contemporary art.
Debuted in 2018 with the tagboat gallery. Formed an art collective “Atari”.
Other than the director Misumi, it features a gradual system that allows members to be replaced for each project. With a focus on phenomena and extraordinary days, he mainly creates an approach to art from science, creating a world that was unlikely to exist.

Held in Tokyo and around the world, including Shanghai and New York. In recent years, he has been actively participating in art fairs such as -Rin- Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Art City, ART OSAKA, and Art Fair Asia Fukuoka.

But only in a limited space, which was held in Tokyo in 2020, developed a new vending machine work in addition to the masterpiece series inside and outside the boundary. It is ranked 2nd in Daily and 3rd in Weekly in the Exhibition Ranking on the website of Bijutsu Techo.