Gellery SELF

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An exhibition called THE GINBURAT was held in April 1993.
This exhibition was an antithesis to the rental gallery and questioned the system of paying high rents and holding private exhibitions.
Tsuyoshi Ozawa opened the “Nasubis Gallery” made of milk boxes in front of the well-established “Nabisu Gallery”.
In addition, Makoto Aida spread the goza in front of the Nichido Gallery and sold the work.

This Gellery SELF is an unmanned gallery that pays homage to THE GINBURAT.
Japan is a major vending machine country, and has the largest number of vending machines in the world. Vending machines are a symbol of good public safety and a medium with a Japanese character.
The “unmanned” element leaves the impression of coldness while providing equal tenderness and eliminating the height of the threshold in the gallery.

What is the mission of the gallerist now that there is an unmanned gallery with exhibits and sales?